Can I run a 3GB GTX 660 Ti and a 2GB GTX 660 Ti in SLI?

I bought a second GTX 660 Ti online, but when it got to me, it was a 3GB model not 2GB. I'm having troubles running them in SLI, will those VRAM's mess up SLI?
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  1. Yes but you will only have 2gb
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    Try Coolbits, like I said in your other thread.
  3. Mousemonkey said:
    Try Coolbits, like I said in your other thread.

    It doesn't work with my drivers, and (seeing as your a moderator hopefully you can help) do you know why I can't respond to that thread? Apparently it's closed, but I didn't close it. And it automatically selected your answer as best.
  4. I just closed it because you started another thread on the same subject.
  5. Oh, my bad. I was trying to specify what you were saying, as my question and your suggestion were different. So, do you know of any way to 'lower' my VRAM?
  6. You could try NiBiToR but I've no idea if it will allow you to change the Vram amount that the drivers see.
  7. OK, I got NiBiTor, but tbh I'm not sure what to do now :P
  8. I've never used it so I can't help you.
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