systrm crashes every time i play a game

Hi evry1i am facing this problem for avout 2-3months.. evrtym I play a game...the game runs smooth for 2-3 minutes aftet that the system just freezes! ! Cant even access the task manager .here are my specs
dell xps152gb nvidia 2gt540m4gb ddr3 rami7 2nd gen500hdd.your help would be appreciated:)
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  1. Do you have the latest drivers installed? Do you have a lot of background apps running? Do you have your power setting to high performance?
  2. Also have you open your case and checked to see if theres a lot of dirt in there? Also run msconfig and clear up all those programs starting up from dell when your pc boots up.
  3. You are using a laptop.

    Set the card to run at 672Mhz core clock, 1344Mhz shader clock, and 1800Mhz memory clock.

    Also, monitor the CPU and GPU temperatures. They could be overheating.
  4. I have all d latest drivers and I always play at high performance. I even formatted my pc a coupke of times. Still it ddnt solve anythng.. and it is nt posble to opeb d entire case!
    and I dunno how to run d gpu at a particular frequency...!
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    Use HWMonitor to monitor the CPU and GPU temperatures.

    MSI Afterburner can be used to set the GPU at desired settings.
  6. Thnx..I will try these out...
  7. hey man,
    Could be 2 problems- overheating graphic card or graphic card malfunction
    If the previous steps don't work, try to change your graphic card to integrated and try playing games.
  8. Hey..I cab only have a max 100mhz core clock ; 1170 mhz memory clock. ..
    anf even if I run it on integrated the gpu automatically triggers:(
  9. I tried some tests and the gpu load goes to 99% anf temp to 95%
  10. Looks like your GPU is overheating. Get it repaired or replaced by the laptop seller/manufacturer.
  11. Its a laptop...have to get the whole mobo replaced T_T
  12. If you have warranty it's better to use it than to spend on a whole new one.
  13. I dont have it....
  14. Problem.
  15. Ya big one!! Moreover is there no way I could make my lappy not use the gpu???
  16. You might be able to disable the GPU in the BIOS. When booting up, mash the Delete button and you should land in the BIOS. You will have to find the setting to disable the discrete/PCIe graphics feature.
  17. I have a better idea to disable the GPU. Right-click on the Computer icon (on desktop or start menu) and select Properties. On the left pane select Device Manager. Look into Display adapters and disable the Nvidia device.
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