No bootable device found after trying to upgrade to a SSD

My Laptop: Acer Aspire V5 552g 8632
My SSD: Kingston 60 GB

I tried upgrading from a HDD to the SSD listed above. I looked it up and it says my laptop supports SATA 3 storage devices. I was able to get windows 7 on my SSD by inserting the SSD into my sisters laptop and installing it through a CD. I did this because my laptop doesn't have a CD drive. When I tried to replace the HDD with the SSD it says "NO BOOTABLE DEVICE FOUND" when i try to boot up my computer.

I tried getting windows 7 on my old HDD via the same method I got windows 7 on the SSD. When I tried doing that, it would not let me select my HDD drive saying something like "CANNOT INSTALL WINDOWS 7 ON THIS DISK BECAUSE OF SOME PARTITION ERROR" Stupidly I formatted my HDD for my aspire and now I'm stuck with 1 ssd that can't be read and 1 that has no OS on it.

Anyone know why my SSD won't work with my laptop?

My sources for compatibility: This website
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  1. Your SSD is not properly connected to ur laptop....

    plz check the SATA cable and power cable connections
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    Hello Johnathan,
    I'm Jewel with Kingston Technical Support and would like to offer our assistance. Technically, the HDD in an Aspire V5 is not suppose to be user accessible to be upgraded per Acer Support. In order to access it you would have had to remove the entire bottom plate of the laptop which I believe may have voided your warranty on the laptop. One way to check to see if the SSD is actually being detected when you connect in the laptop is to go into the BIOS and find the SATA connection to see if the drive is detected. If it is not being detected than it is most likely not seated properly. One common issue is that all our SSD except the HyperX SSD are 7mm drives and the bay in you laptop may be a 9.5mm drive. The foam adapter that came with the drive should fill that space and allow for a secure connection. Or if you have a HyperX drive the issue may be reverse and unfortunately there is no way to shrink the drive. For any further assistance, please call us at 1-800-435-0640 (USA and Canada only) M - F 6am - 6pm PT and I or another available Technician will assist you. Please be sure to have the part in question on hand when you call.

    Thank you for selecting Kingston as your upgrade partner.
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