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May i know what the other games like modern warfare 1,2,3 that has great storyline and can be played by low graphic pc? I just only to know what game can be played by my pc ? the game graphic must at least like Modern warfare 3 because my pc can played that game . I set the game to the low setting. Hope all of you can help me find the game and make the list of game.
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  1. Halo Reach & Bioshock 2
  2. just cause 2
  3. I appreciate your answer but my pc cannot play that game because the graphic was very extremely beautiful.. it was much lag ... i had try play just cause2 but it said' your graphic card unsupported'. i I admit my graphic card was cheap . i just want to know what the game will can be played. i play mw3 .it was amazing. the lag are less than sniper ghost warrior which i play just now. so, what game like mw3.
  4. Try out Half Life, F.E.A.R, or Wolfenstien, i play all of those on my laptop which is just a cheap Acer.
  5. XxLTxX, is these games have a great storyline?
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    Personally i enjoyed the storylines of each game. F.E.A.R has a pretty deep story that you need to pay attention to to understand. Half-Life's story is fairly good, pretty much a story about mankinds strugle in survival. And Wolfenstien is my favorite with an excellent story, i would put them into comparison to any MW game, and i found the MW series to kinda have bad story telling anyways.

    Specifically though you will want to get Wolfenstien: The New Order, Half life 2 has better graphics, and F.E.A.R you can play 1,2 and 3 all of them have roughly the same graphics. I would Recommend F.E.A.R over any of them though for your type of playing.
  7. i will try that.. thanks for your opinion...
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