FX-8350 clock speeds after coming out of sleep mode

Hi, all -
I recently upgraded to an FX-8350, which I have stably overclocked to 4.4ghz running a push/pull CM Hyper 212 evo. My mobo is an ASUS M5A99FX Pro R2.0.

My issue is that upon coming out of sleep my clocks go all wacky and change on me. The CPU multi changes from 22 to 20.5, my HT link goes from 2200 to 2600 due to that multi changing, and my NB resets from 2400 to 2000mhz.

The weird part is that I think it's somehow linked to AMD overdrive, which I don't even use to overclock my CPU (done through BIOS). I use AMD OD to overclock my R9 270x, however, if I toggle AMD OD off then back in in CCC after coming out of sleep it will change my CPU multi back to 22 and restore the 4400mhz oc.

Oddly enough, even though the CPU OC is restored, my HT link stays at 2600 and my NB at 2000mhz until I reboot.

Any ideas? It's not noticeably affecting performance but I would nonetheless want my clocks to stay where I put them in BIOS instead of changing each time the PC awakes.
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  1. Oh and I'm also running a Corsair 850w PSU, 2 HDD, and a SDD.
  2. I'm having the SAME problem, have you found a work around yet? It worries me as my voltage ramps up to 1.5+ and I've come out of sleep at stock clocks, and even seen 12600 (obviously it's not running at 12GHz) but the voltage really worries me .. ... Any solutions?
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