my pc stopped reconizing usb external HDD

I use a 1TB external HDD to do my back ups on my RODC but now suddenly it doesn't want to detect any form of external storage ( I have tried all the normal Trouble Shooting but still to no avail the drives all work tested them on another computer and 100% working any advice will help
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  1. must be a problem with your usb port or whatever you use to connect the external drive....try re installing all the necessary drivers.

    if that does not work try to connect another drive (known to be working) to the same port, just to be fool proof
  2. I connected another working drive reloaded drivers restarted the server with the drive plugged in and out tried usb sticks and externals manual device add, device manager, bios settings, nothing shows up anywhere
  3. then i am afraid the ports are would need to change them
  4. I think so too was hoping it wasn't thanks for your help I will put in a pci usb card and see if it works
  5. yeah....that is a good option.

    all the very best :)
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