G-Skill & Corsair 2133mhz C9... why does Corsair cost 40% more?

I'm currently planning to upgrade my old i7 920 machine and from looking at some benchmarks it seems 32gb of 2133mhz C9 ram would be the ideal sweet spot for my new build.

In particular when I look at G-Skill and Corsair there is 2 models that meet these exact specs.

G-Skill has the TridentX 2133mhz C9 @ 9-11-11-31:

Corsair has the Dominator Platinum 2133mhz C9 @ 9-11-11-31:

However when I look at the prices (both from the same shop) the G-Skill is only $457 while the Corsair is $643 or almost 40% more! Even looking at other shops the Corsair is always a lot more expensive.

My problem is that from reading their websites and reading about how ram works, I can't seem to find any difference between these 2 other than different brands & colours. Both packs have 4x 8GB sticks, run 2133mhz C9 @ 9-11-11-31, have cooling solutions and lifetime warranties. If anything the G-Skill looks a bit better because it only needs 1.6v to run vs the Corsair needing 1.65v.

The only thing I could think of is perhaps Corsair just has a much better cooler which makes the ram not get so hot but I can't find any benchmarks proving this theory.

So I'm kind of confused now and just can't seem to figure out what the Corsair does better which makes it worth 40% more. Do you have any ideas what the difference is between these 2 sets of RAM (other than different coloured sticks)? And more importantly, if I decided to get the cheaper G-Skill ram, am I going to miss out on anything special that I could get with the more expensive Corsair ram?
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    Other than the branding and maybe a teensy bit of binning, they are identical specs wise.

    G.skill really has become better than Corsair in many ways.
  2. I always though dominator's were over rated. having said that, unless you're looking for some kind of major over clocking I would go out of my way for less expensive dimms. even ones without heat spreaders. gskill/geil/corsair.......... it really doesn't make any difference anymore.

    last ones I got were geil evo leggara 2133...........they were amongst the least expensive and run great.
  3. I am going to keep it nice and simple.You will gain no significant advantage running one brand over the other both are reliable great choices get whichever is cheaper.
  4. Another great brand to look at is Mushkin. There redline 994121R if you can find them have the same specs of the g-skill and corsair and are only $360. The first set of mushkin I ran were there blackline 1600mhz with a i7 950, that set was able to overclock to over 2200mhz with just air cooling, that set sold me on mushkin and I have ran over 10 other kits all overclocked with no problems.
  5. Wow thanks guys. That explains why I couldn't find anything justifying the price difference. You've all just saved me about $200. I will take your advice and go with whichever brand I can get cheapest at the stores I normally buy from (currently G-Skill just). Thanks!
  6. Yep, I'd go the GSkill, they've had the higher freqs out longer than the others and their sticks are strong, most every set set I've gotten over the past 5 or years always have OC headroom to go up at least 1 step, often more
  7. No problem.You're very welcome!That's what we are here for so no worries!We are all glad to help enjoy!
  8. :) Have fun.
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