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Hello I have a gateway 2000 g6-300 pentium 2 160mb of ram and a unused 80gb hard drive sitting in the hard drive caddy. Now this pc is run windows 95 and i turn it into a gaming pc but now its time to get rid of win95 so should I upgrade to win98 se or win2000
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  1. Neither. Both are terrible, and have tons of glitches. I know this may seem overly conservative, but I think you should go back to MS-DOS. Seriously, the compatibility issues with these new "GUI" based Operating Systems are far too plentiful.
  2. Windows 98SE between the two. Windows 2000 Professional is more for corporate uses, not much for gaming.
  3. Ms-dos really nobody does gameing from the years of 1990-2000 on ms dos
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    win2000 with latest service pack is good.
  5. Thanks anybody else thinks windows 2000 is good
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