GTX660 Randomly Stops Displaying Video

Hello Tom's,
I recently installed a water cooling loop in my system for my CPU and two SLI'd GTX660s (I know water cooling 660's isn't really necessary, but it was mainly for kicks), and there was a leak which completely soaked one of my cards (only the pump was powered up at the time; the cards were not on). After I cleaned the card, my computer started shutting down randomly. I then proceeded to test each card individually. The first card (the one that did not get wet) functioned perfectly fine. The second one worked fine until I tried to run anything graphically intensive (benchmarks, games), at which point my screen would go blue (not a BSOD, but the "no input" screen on the TV, like the card was not putting out any signal). I was just wondering if there are any fixes I could try, or if I should just get a new card (although I'm pretty sure that the warranty does not cover coolant spills). I'm a bit puzzled about this situation. I was under the impression that graphics cards either died or were fine; I didn't know they could "half-die". Any suggestions?
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  1. Looks like coolant might have damage the card, when the system is powered on. Also how can you just power up the pump and not the card? Shouldn't the system be turned on, in order to power up the pump?
  2. Thanks for the quick response. That's the same thing that I was thinking. I was mainly wondering if there was any hope for making it work again, with a thorough cleaning or something. To use the pump without starting up the computer, I used the paper clip trick for turning on the PSU (the pump was the only thing plugged in at that point, no other part of the computer was connected to the PSU. The reason that I was thinking that it may be salvageable is because it still partially works, but maybe I'm just grasping at straws here.

    EDIT: This was supposed to be a response to lp231, not an answer.

    EDIT #2: I stuck the card in the freezer for a couple of hours (I'm not really sure what my reasons for doing that were), and now it works perfectly fine. Go figure!
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