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So i figured I'd ask in oc because it feels more pertinent to ocing then mobo. Basically I have an xspc rx240 for cooling my cpu, keeps my cpu temps nice and cool. Problem is in my Corsair C70 I have on intake fan and 1 exhaust fan + 2 kinda exhaust fans for the rad mounted in the top.

The issue is there is no real airflow over my northbridge heatsink, which raises my temps when overclocking to around 52-55 degrees on my NB. What im wondering if there are any cooling solutions (besides water blocks) that I can use to bring this temperature down, kinda like a ram cooler but for a NB heatsink?

The only thing I can really find are pretty old and meant to replace your current heatsink or add one. My gigabyte 990fxa-ud5 has a nice heatsink so I really just want to get some air running over it. Any liquid coolers out there who have anything they use? Thanks!
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    Not a solution to your problem but those temps aren't dangerously high or even close to the limit. My 890FX constantly runs in that range.
  2. Oh really? I read somewhere that gigabyte designs the chipsets to be good up til 80. I a little skeptical, even more unnerving when speedfan shows that it is apparently on fire at 50 degrees lol.
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