How to upgrade my cpu cooler fan?

Hello, guys!

I have the following cooler: It holds my AMD Phenom II X4 B55 (unlocked cores) temps at 38ºC (Idle, during the summer in a tropical country), so I think it's fine (specially considering it's a cheap cooler). But I want to upgrade its fan to improve the performance.

So, what fan do you guys suggest??

PS: originaly, the cooler has a 90mm fan with 2200rpm, but I think I can adapt a bigger one (120mm) if necessary.

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    Might look at the Cooler Master SickleFlow
  2. I guess I'll do that. If I put two of these, is there any voltage problem if I plug both into a fan adapter ("Y" cable for two fans, connected into the mobo)?
  3. Shouldn't be
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