Need to wipe windows seven hard-drive completely and reinstall

Hey all,

I have an issue with windows seven. I have a malware issue of some sort, and I have relentlessly gone through all the usual steps to get rid of malware, but these infections seem to be backdoor type infections that are slowing down and installing rogue windows updates, compromising the entire system. My windows related .dat file is 90gig big! So something is majorly up with this.

On trying to do a usual fresh install with my windows seven CD the reinstall fails and comes up with an error every time.

I am using chimera from tonymacx86 to dual boot into OSX and Windows. Bootable CDs and USBs are picked up by this boot-loader. I need a way to completely wipe the windows hard-drive and reinstall windows on it, but can not work out a way to do this without booting into windows first, which will not let me delete the files I wants as it says I have insufficient privileges.

How do I wipe the hard-drive completely before windows boots so I can run a completely fresh install?

Many thanks in advance.
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  1. Thats interesting, you shouldn't need to boot into windows at all if its a windows install CD/USB. You likely just need to change your boot priority in the bios.
  2. Boot from the Windows install disc or usb. you can format the drive by using that and then proceed to do a fresh install at the same time
  3. Hello... all you have to do is delete the Partitions on your hardrive... disk utility/options are found after booting from the DVD Disk, When the "Custom Install" option is selected.
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