AMD R7 260x problem?

If i open up a program or i go on youtube, green fuzzy lines appear and it sometimes freezes and tells me "Display driver has stopped working but has successfuly recovered". What could i do to fix this sorry?
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    Have you tried reinstalling the drivers? If you have Windows 7/8 64-bit, here is the link:

    You want to download the 13.11 beta, and then reboot.
  2. Download and install different amd drivers for your GPU. Your current driver will always give you that problem.
  3. Ok thanks guys, i'm installing now
  4. Will this perhaps make games run a little smoother because Far Cry 3 runs smooth on ultra settings but Borderlands 2 struggles on minimum?
  5. Yes, it likely will. You should be able to max out Borderlands 2 no problem. (Without PhysX off course) I am able to run it at a constant 60FPS @ 900p with an HD 7850.
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