Cooler - Case Compatibility Assistance Request!

Hey great people of the forum,

If you would be so kind to answer this question:
Been wanting to get this case, but don't know if the coolers fits :(
(It should fit I reckon? The height of the cooler is 15.9 cm, and the width of the case is 22.9 cm - although there is cable management, it should fit right?)

The case is: "Antec 300 v2"
"22.9 cm Width - 47.1 cm Depth - Height 51.3 cm"

The cooler is: "DeepCool NepTwin"
"12.6 cm Width - 13.6 cm Depth - Height 15.9 cm"

Thank you VERY much in advance!
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  1. Best answer
    It will fit.
  2. gcatalin said:
    It will fit.

    Why thank you so very much!
    Problem solved!
  3. Glad to help. Enjoy your new component :D
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