Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7850 getting blue screen and weird buzz sound crashing computer while playing a game.

This isn't of me but I get that same buzz sound, my screen goes black, and a few seconds later it goes blue. It only happens when playing Path of Exile. I tried reinstalling the game, updating to the newest video card drivers and I reverted back to drivers that were two months older than that as well. I just finished building this PC a few days ago as well.

Specs are I-5 2500k, 4x2 Gigs of ram, Windows 7, and 700W modular power supply.
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    You might have to RMA it, that is apparently a common problem that you can't just fix.
  2. try removing the gpu and reinstalling it physically in ur case, if it continues id return as ewok said.
  3. did u rma it? did that solve the issue?
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