high end air cooler with high ram clearence

Noctua NH-D14 nor Phanteks TC14PE doesnt have enough room for my HyperX Beast which around 46.4mm in height

my case(CMStorm Enforcer) can only support 120mm radiators for AIO water cooling which in my opinion not worth it since most of the best options comes with 240mm radiators or bigger

What would you suggest? should i just go with a 120mm Water cooling solution or is there any other high end air cooler that have the space for the ram i have?
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  1. Kingston hyperx majority of the time uses standard heatspreaders. did you get the one with those tall fins
  2. lp231 said:
    Kingston hyperx majority of the time uses standard heatspreaders. did you get the one with those tall fins

    yep the one with the big heatspreaders

    Product link
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  4. Looks like the NH D14 will not work. A big red X on the compatibility chart:

  5. hmm are there any other alternate air cooler that performs as good?
    and how the hell did it managed to install the D14 as shown in the pics if it is not compatible? do i have to modify something here?
  6. Noctua recently came out with their NH-U12S which was designed to clear most RAM chips. Reviews indicate it cools almost as well as the NH-D14 and single fan performance is about equal to dual fan usage. The larger NH-U14S could be a problem with RAM clearance and I have not checked Noctua's site before posting this. Good luck.

  7. These Kingston Hyper X looks a lot taller than the beast and it also fits under the Noctua DH14.
    My guess would be, it might only fit based on how far the ram slots is with the CPU?

    According to that article, they raised the fan a bit.
  8. i'm affraid the distance between the cpu slot and the ram slot are quiet near to each other on my ASRock X79 extreme4 mobo making it impossible to combine noctua and my hyperx :(

    it seems that the NH-U14s has a full ram compatibility on lga2011 sockets based on their site link
    both the NH-U12s and 14s seems good but thermalright archon sb-e x2 seems better, what do you guys think?
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