Please Help All Games Crashing to Desktop, BSOD, Freezing.

All of my games are crashing to the desktop. Occasional blue screens with system service exception. Occasional freezes that require restarting.
This has been happening since i built the computer a couple moths ago.

Downloaded whocrashed it said ntoskrnl.exe was causing blue screens. No idea how to fix that. it Also said it is most likely caused by driver problems.

Games crashing:
Planetside 2
Battlefield 3
Mirror's edge
Burnout paradise

Most say "game title" has stopped working

What i have tried:
updating graphics driver
running with integrated graphics anf not using graphics card
testing ram with memtest 8 passes no error
turning off firewall
testing temps, under 60 for cpu, under 50 for gpu
increasing page file
reinstaling the game
various "fixes" spedific to the games.

i5 3570k at 3.4 ghz (no overclock)
msi gtx 760 (no overclock)
8 gigs adata ram 2 dimms
asus p8z77-v lk motherboard
thermaltake 750w psu bronze rated
hyper 212 evo with artic silver 5 thermal paste
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    If the system still has these problems even when you use your integrated graphics, I would say that your motherboard is faulty. If it were the video card, it wouldn't happen when you used only the integrated graphics.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I will try and find another motherboard to test it on.
  3. If using Windows 7 or later, go to Services and try switching Windows Driver Foundation to "Automatic" then see if it still crashes.
  4. signothorn said:
    If using Windows 7 or later, go to Services and try switching Windows Driver Foundation to "Automatic" then see if it still crashes.

    Do you mean automatic driver updates when I plug in like a headset and it downloads a driver for the mic?

    If so, it is on.

    I just installed a asrock z77 extreme 4. I have not gotten to test it on my games because it is so late. No boot up problems and post was successful.

    I do have one question. Should I uninstall all the intel crap like intel smart thing or whatever? And then install whatever is on asrock disk?

    I know I need to uninstall my old sound drivers and ai suite and all the other stuff specific to my old board.

    Should I uninstall z77 chipset driver and reinstall or just leave it? The asus board had the same chipset.

    Thank you.
  5. I did already install the board so I can't really test your fix until I check if getting this board has solved my problems. If it does not fix it I can just return the board.

    Edit: Also, how do I remove any residual registry/ hidden driver stuff for asus board?
    I have driver cleaner but asus is not an option to clean.
  6. Thank you so much it appears the new board has fixed my crashing issues. I bought the bad board refurbished anyway. Probably a bad chipset.
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