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I recently formated my Hard drive and reinstalled windows xp instead of 7 because it was very slow. It's not a virus, i have done all the tests. I have done some research and it does look like it has something to do with the hardware rather than the software. There are a couple of problems, the CPU usage is always very high, it looks like i only have about a quarter of my memory ram available to me and file copying is also very slow so it could be HDD also i suppose?
I'll post a picture here, so could you please tell me what could be wrong with my computer and can I actually fix it somehow. Thanks!

Picture (sorry had to take it with a phone)

You can see how the cpu usage just pumps up and then drops down. Also my available ram just keeps doing the same thing, at one time i have like 800mb of 1gb available and then it just drops to 200-300 mb. Why is it doing that?

It almost feels like the more I use the computer the faster it gets, which is way weird. I have never had something like this with my previous laptops. My little sister used it for like 2 hours and then I went and took it away from her and now it feels alot faster than it was before. Can someone please explain me what is going on and do I need some new parts or what is this all thing in general.
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  1. What are your specs?
  2. Microsoft Windows XP Pro 2002 SP 3
    Intel celeron cpu 560 @ 2,13 GhZ
    1gb of ram
    DirectX 9.0
    Dell 500
    Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family 256mb
  3. It's very outdated to be honest. I wouldn't be surprised if something's dying. Considering the multitude of issue (CPU, RAM, possible HDD) it could be a motherboard fault, or each of those parts may be developing issues.

    You could try doing a temperature reading (Use HWmonitor or HWinfo) and see what the temperatures of your CPU are, when idle and when you're doing something. It could be that something is being fried because of heat issues as is most common in laptops. You could try dusting out the laptop with a can of compressed air or reapplying thermal paste onto the CPU as it could have dried up.
  4. okay i'm going to try that but how would you explain that it just gets faster and faster as i'm using it? I know what vista and windows7 have some kinda superfetch thing that makes it faster as you use it but mines windows xp :?

    Also cpu performs well and then just suddenly out of nowhere cpu usage strikes up to 100% and doesn't drop down fromt here at all, its been like this for over 5 minutes now. I'm glad I have another computer to write this from...
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    Some potential causes:
    - Dead battery. Try running from the power cable with the battery removed.
    - Any USB devices plugged in? Try removing them and see if it still occurs.
  6. it seems to be the svchost.exe file taking up all the cpu and i did the fix already a month ago or so and havent used computer since. And now it happened again, its not a malware problem but i know that virus can cause it too but it ain't one. I already did the fix and now i'm doing it again. I have no idea why it does it.
  7. it looks like that the problem was with windows automatic update. I disabled it and right now the computer runs smoothly, I hope it stays like this. Thank you! I'll mark the thread solved now and well if i get more issues i guess ill have to come back :) thanks!
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