Looking for the best hard drive for a raid setup offsite backup

Hey all,

I am looking to build a mini-ITX computer specifically for backing up my information. I want to set up two hard drives in a RAID configuration to mirror them, and want to know the cheapest yet reliable hard drive (likeing for 1-2 TB each at the moment). any ideas? :)

btw I am looking to put this into a HAF Stacker 915R case, other component suggestions would be appreciated :) it wont have any dedicated peripherals, so graphics arent needed other than onboard.

You all rock, really.

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    WD red or black are what you need. there premium wd drives designed for long use, high use.
    they come in pretty much any size you want with sata 2 or 3.
  2. I knew the black hard drives were the high end, but they come with a hefty price tag. I have not looked into the Red series yet though.
  3. reds are designed with enthusiasts in mind. raid and temps .
    1 thing i do recommend is buy them local your local pc store will likely charge 5-10 more at the till but the advantage of the slightly higher price is. shipping. they get there drives on pallets. so are subject to much less vibration in transit compared to when there posted as single items. the upshot is they tend to last longer and are generally more reliable over there life..
  4. Thanks a bunch. I don't know of any stores around here though.. Haha
  5. i just google "pc store" and my post/zip/code. normally brings up a dozen results within a 20 mile radius for me so give that a try. you may find a decent cheap local supplier.
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