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Helping my son with his homework, which is to cool down a cup of coffee as quick as you can, without touching the cup. There's a load of different options to do this, but I thought I would explore chilling water around the cup.

We have done a couple of experiments by putting the coffee cup into a litre jug with cold water and them cold water with ice, which does work as this dissipates the warmth of the coffee cup.

But I am now wondering if instead of using ice (as this is somewhat easy) to use a peltier to reduce and then keep the ambient temperature of the water surrounding the coffee cup low.

So the question I have is, could a peltier be used to keep say a litre of water cold, which in turn would reduce the temperature of the coffee cup? If so, I wouldn't mind trying to make one!! so what size peltier would I need and I'm assuming I would need a heatsink. I have a mate whos an electrician, so hopefully him will help me turn a converted Tupperware with a hole cut out so the cold side could cook the water.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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  1. any movement of the water around the cup would help with the cooling process. if you could create some kind of vortex with the cup in the center it would greatly increase the cooling process.
  2. --- Thanks neon, yes we have already done that!, we put a makeshift cap on the cup and handspun it round in the bowl of cold water and it does reduces quicker. I am assuming that if the spin on the cup was faster it would cool faster and also if the water in the bowl were to move it again would cool faster?
  3. aye. have you considered pumping the coffee through a radiator submersed in ice water? or is that not allowed?

    even just being pumped through copper pipe would work well.
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