Best PS2 to Xbox360/PC controller converter available

Need to get a converter that will allow me to use my PS2 controller on either an Xbox360 or PC. Maybe there is not such a device, but seems like there is a ton of converters out there like the Cronus, and Cross fire. Kind of confused about which to get. BTW, want one for PS2 controller conversion as I have a few of these old reliables hanging around, and do not want to spend $39.00/49.00 for one controller that i won't like as much anyway.
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    Pretty much any adapter will work for PC. Just type "PS2 controller PC adapter" in Amazon (I use this:

    This video shows how to use the a PS2 controller with the 360 (link to adapter is in the description and you'll need a wired 360 controller):

    Also, apparently, this adapter can do both PC and 360 (still need a 360 controller):
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