Problem with booting my system when i increase CPU frequency

Hy all :)

First i wanna say i never used OC of any kind for my systems. My motherboard is: Asrock ConRoe1333-eSATA2 (pretty old i know) :D

I changed only overclock mode from "auto" to "CPU; PCIE Sync." and i changed "CPU frequency" from default mode (333mhz) to 360mhz.

After that i saved and exit my work and then the problem begins, when my system boots it says "Reboot and select proper boot device", i checked in boot menu, all settings are fine but it seems that system doesn't recognize my hdd when i change those settings.

When i put it back to default settings (auto and cpu frequency) my system works perfectly fine and it recognizes my HDD and windows starts.

My sata is set to AHCI.

Here is picture:

Can anyone help me to solve this problem please? :)

Tnx a lot for your help
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  1. What is your cpu??
  2. My cpu is intel E8500 :)
  3. Need to raise your vCore, might start at 1.345, then if stable there start reducing it
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