Broken am3+ plastic on it still possible to place cpu, or should I RMA....

So I just got all my parts today and started to build about an hour ago. As I lifted the lever of my msi 970a-g43 (am3+) the plastic from the socket snapped, and the hinge broke off.

I've been waiting 2 years to build and this happens literally within the first frustrated

I almost don't even want to RMA and just go buy another board, knowing my luck it's going to take a month to get it back...

really frustrated...need some help =/
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    Murphy's law at its best.

    The question is: does the socket lever works without that plastic part?
    Its job is to secure the CPU in the socket by tightening the pin holes.
    If you can place the CPU in the socket and secure it by closing the lever, I think you can do without that plastic part that broke off.

    On the other hand, you waited two years to get the parts, what is a month more?
  2. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH yeah you're right

    I really really really don't want to wait longer but I know I will have to.

    If I bought it from newegg, do I issue the RMA with them or with MSI?

    I feel like punching something
  3. MSI should RMA it faster. Call them.
  4. well MSI just got it, hopefully I don't have to pay any fees, if im mega lucky ill get it back by friday, probably gonna get it monday/tuesday tho ): hope everythingg oes well after
  5. Let us know when you get it back and if it's working :)
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