I spilled water into my computer, and I'm trying to determine where the damage was done.

Hi, I don't know if his is where I should be posting tis, so forgive me if this is the wrong venue. I spilled water into my computer while using it. The computer froze, I saw a small stream of smoke, and now I can't get the computer to fully turn on. The water spilled mainly on the back of my graphics card and down the memory side of the mobo. I dried out all of the hardware with a hair dryer and made sure everything was completely dry before turning it back on. When I turn it back on (with only tethe memory and hard drives plugged in, and obviously the cpu) I get power to the motherboard (after a one time automatic reboot) fans turn on but I get an error code 23 (OEM memory initialization). When I removed the memory and tried to boot with only the hard drives plugged in, I get an error code 53 (memory initialization) and I hear a continuous long beep followed by two short beeps. I have read that this can be either the result of a failure from the cpu's memory controller, mobo, or the memory itself. I think I have ruled out the memory itself, because I tried one stick of my brother's memory in my computer and I got the same error 23 result. I removed the cpu to check for scorch marks, but I couldn't find anything.

I'm wondering if the community has any suggestions as to how I can determine where the problem is originating, or if its a multiple hardware issue. I obviously can't do any tests in the bios, because I can't reach that point. I was thinking about just purchasing a new mobo and trying that.
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    The computer froze, I saw a small stream of smoke

    Not good.

    I dried out all of the hardware with a hair dryer and made sure everything was completely dry

    As in taking out all of the cards and RAM and making sure all of the crevices in the slots were absolutely dry?

    Take everything out. Inspect and blow out ALL of the slots, especially the RAM slots.
    Start again from a very minimal construct. 1 RAM stick (in various slots), etc.

    But once you let the magic smoke out, things don't look good.
  2. Before you turn things on again, I would remove everything and take out the MB. Carefully inspect both sides of the MB. Look for discolorations or obvious melts. The smoke was something getting very hot. I would guess the water caused a short somewhere that heated up. It could have been water vapor from the water boiling at the point of the short. Still sounds like you toasted some connection or component. Even if you do not see anything, from what you describe it's achieved the status of toast.
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