FX-8350 overclocking problem.

Hi, I have the following system :

2x4GB DDR 3 1600 kingston genesis
GTX 680
750Watts Antec 80 bronze psu
Corsair H80 cooler
Asus m5a99fx r2.0

The problem is, I can get the cpu @4.7ghz@ 1.47v stable under prime95 on small ffts but when I run the blend test, one core fails after 10-15 minutes.

The fsb is at 200, the htt, cpu-nb are at stock speeds. I tried upping the cpu-nb voltage at 1.3volts but it didn't help. If my pc is stable for hours under smalls ffts means that my cpu is stable right? The weird fact is that the blend test is usually used for testing ram and cpu-nb but in my case, these two aren't overclocked.


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  1. Update : After testing with OCCT, large data sets gives me an error after a couple of minutes, small data sets works correctly.
  2. I learned the hard way that NB overclocking hurts more than it helps with the 8350. You dont need the voltage up at 1.3v. I have mine stable at 4.6GHz (the temps are a little high because I did a poor job of applying thermal paste and im too lazy to reapply it) but it runs fine.

    Honestly, if it can last 7 minutes, it has gone through more that it ever will in any video editing, gaming, or other real world applications. So if it fails after then 4th pass (7 min-ish) then its far enough along that you will be fine in daily use.
  3. Actually the 1.3v cpu-nb was just a test, I put it back at it's default setting of 1.2v, now I'm testing 4.6ghz with 1.475 volts and NB @ 2.4ghz under occt large data sets and it's been running for 4 hours 20 minutes now without a problem, so I think that the best way to test these cpu is with large data sets...
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    Yeah that sounds more than stable. The voltage seems a little bit high, I guess you just didnt get as good of a chip as I did. The mobo (I have the same one) should provide steady power so the OC should stay stable and not have any spikes.
  5. FX8350 \ 5.1GHZ. \ 1.384 VOLTS

    Phanteks PH-TC14PE with Scythe Slipstream 110 CFM fans attached.
  6. 5.1 ghz on 1.38 volt is one of the best overclock I've ever seen!!! And it's prime or occt stable? Because even the fx-9590 uses a voltage of 1.5 volt and 1.52 on turbo...
  7. Very stable temps mid 50's.
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