Overclocking 4.5GHz, Help Please

Hey guys, so I've been looking for a stable 4.5GHz 24/7 Clock for my PC.

Lately ill be gaming it up i.e. GW2....the screen will freeze and the computer will reboot. so ill crank up the CV +.005 until it stopped. This last time I had the CV to 1.350 and it just froze my screen with crazy lines through it and didn't reboot but I could still get out using ctrl alt delete and stopped my non-responsive guild wars 2.

So after that i restarted my pc and cranked up the CV to 1.360 and ran a stability test for 7hrs with aida64. Here are my photos. Is this a stable 24/7 4.5GHz? Is it not my cpu this time but my gpu's?

2 SLI evga 670 SC
32gb ram
z77x ud5h mobo

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    By crazy lines do you mean multi-coloured lines? If yes, is your GPU overclocked?

    As for stability testing, it's a good place to start but it's no substitute for actually using your PC like you normally do. I've lost track of the amount of crashes I've had from CPU/GPU overclocks when doing something really simple and non demanding, yet stress testing showed no problems. It's just one of those things. You've shown a good level of stability with stress testing, now all you can do is keep using your computer and see what happens.

    If you haven't already, change the settings so your PC doesn't restart on BSOD, as we can get information from the error codes on it with regards to what's wrong with your OC, if anything.
  2. They're factory superclocked by evga
  3. Keith Strout said:
    They're factory superclocked by evga

    Fair enough. Well the rest of my post still stands.
  4. Ok thanks, ill give it a shot this weekend when I have time.

    Should I downclock my gpus with precision x?
  5. Keith Strout said:
    Ok thanks, ill give it a shot this weekend when I have time.

    Should I downclock my gpus with precision x?

    No, if it's a factory overclock it should be just fine. I was only asking in case you'd overclocked your GPU yourself.
  6. Ok. Thanks, ill answer back this weekend with error reports or just start a new post.
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