Asus Sabertooth 990fx 2.0 DOA Ram issue?

Not a new builder but first time buying a new MB. Last few were working secondhands.
On my second RMA with this board because neither would post after being turned on.
No beeps or anything. All my fans are running and the power LED is on, CPU light blinks then turns off, indicating it is good. Issue is RAM I think. Ram light stays on. I've tried single ram stick and moving it to different slots and I've tried clearing cmos. Nothing. Here are my specs.

Corsair HX850
AMD FX9590 (yes it is supported by the bios)
Sabertooth 990fx 2.0
Nvidia 760 FTW (works in other builds)
GSkill 8gb 1866 (works in other builds and approved on MB manual)

This being the second board I've sent in, I find it unlikely that both boards have the same ram slots defective, but you never know I guess. Anyone have any advice or solutions?
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  1. Has your Motherboard got the mem test ok button near the ram slots?
    If it does hold it in and wait for it to boot, sometimes it will take a couple of tries and it will boot once it corrects itself.
  2. Hmm well I tried that already. Is it more of a "keep doing it til it works" method? I've already mailed the board back to newegg so I'll wait until I get the new one and try that again.
  3. Ok good luck , good idea that you returned it just in case there is a problem with the mobo.
  4. In any case I think I am moving to intel. Anyone want to buy fx9590? Name your price (be reasonable) and I'll ship it to you for free.
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    The CPU is supported, but the BIOS might require a newer version (1708 or later). Have you tried the Flashback?
    When getting the board, check the BIOS on the board and see if it does support the CPU.
    Note from ASUS: "Due to the high TDP, please be noted there are limitations while using this CPU(i.e. special thermal required..)"
    FX-9000 require higher amounts of power and generate considerable heat - AMD recommends a 1200 W power supply and liquid processor cooling
  6. Yeah I saw that. I have an 850 watt gold certified so I should be "ok" and a corsair CLC I doubt that's the issue. Btw it wouldn't even post with my phenom II x4 965 black edition in it. So its definitely not a power or heat issue.
  7. The 965 should work. It might be a motherboard issue then.
    Try though clearing the CMOS (unplug the power cord and remove the CMOS battery for few minutes). Then test again the 965 with singlr RAM , graphics card, DVD drive, keyboard and mouse.
    Test the system outside the case.
    Is there an internal case speaker connected to the motherboard?
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