A few questions before I buy parts to overclock an AMD 6350.

Hello, these are my current computer specs:

ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 Motherboard


2 sticks of DDR3 4 GB Ram

Thermaltake TR2 TR-600 600w PSU

GTX 680

Apevia X-Dreamer4 series X-DMR4-NW-BK Case

I was looking to overclock my CPU to around 4.2-4.4 GHz, and to do so i'm looking to get the following heat sink fan.

In addition, I am looking at getting 2 120mm case fans to put on top of my case. Before I do this though, I had some questions.

1. I know that the heat sink will fit in my case because it's 7.75" wide and the heat sink is 6 inches tall. But, I was wondering if it would fit okay on my motherboard, just if it would be blocking any ports, or the ram or if it just wouldn't fit good at all?

2. Would my power supply be enough to handle an overclock of at least around 4.2 GHz, or would there not be enough watts for this?

3. And finally would it be way too hot even with the new heat sink, and 3 120mm fans in the case if i overclocked it?

Thank you so much in advance!
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    From personal experience:

    In a recent build we got an FX 6300 to 4.4 on all 6 cores at near stock voltage. (* We used 1.40v, which is BELOW the stock boost voltage of 1.425v)

    We used a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. (* around $30 on NewEgg)

    Under full load stress testing temps hovered in the 54-56c range. The case has very good airflow.

    You can do it pretty easily with a 6350 and the same cooler. But I bet you can save a few dollars going with a 6300 instead.

    RE: Power Supply - 600w should be fine. You could probably do with a 550 and a higher quality/more efficient unit. Corsair, Seasonic and PC Power & Cooling are a few of my favorites.

    RE: Heatsink Size - The Hyper 212 EVO is very compact and light with the ability to mount the fan in Push, or pull, or both if you have 2 fans.
  2. The cooler is good, and the rams have space witout issue, if anything they may be a bit close to the cooler (but that is not a huge issue).

    But from what i see in the PSU tier list.
    Your Thermaltake tr2 IS A BAD PSU your specific model is ranked as a tier 5 PSU wich are replace ASAP categories. Unless you are absolutly certain that is a good well built model (some of thermaltake are tier 2) I would not even turn on my pc with it.

    I recommend you inform yourself on that model, or buy a new one. a 600W from a good brand is more than enough for your system :)

    The list is here:
  3. Thank you both for your answers. I will get the Hyper 212 EVO, and some Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste. And yes, I understand my psu really isn't good at all. I was being cheap and bought that at bestbuy with a giftcard I had like an idiot. I plan on getting a new power supply sometime soon but for now everything seems okay. Thanks again, and have a good one!
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