Upgraded my 4870x2 to a 7970, Now every time i play a game video drivers crash

Hi, So i just upgraded my 4870x2 to a 7970, Now every time i play a game that takes more graphical performance (Dota 2 Works fine) The video drivers completely crash. I downgraded from the newest beta drivers to the newest driver, worked for about an hour and then same thing.
Things i checked
Heat (Max temperature under 100% load is 66c)
Power ( the 4870x2 used 100w more power then the 7970 and never crashed)

My PC Specs,
Dominator 32Gb DDR3
Asus Rampage Extreme 4
Auzen X-Meridian 7.1 2g

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    Here, use this because bits of old Catalyst drivers still lying around can cause system instability:

    I had a similar upgrade to you but I went from 2 x Radeon HD 4870s in crossfire to my HD 7970. Run that tool, it will remove ALL ATi software from your computer including your registry and your AppData. That will ensure a perfectly clean install. Install driver set 13-9 after you restart the computer and all should be well. If that doesn't work, the card is defective.
  2. did not work, so i guess defective card..
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