2 players for PC games if I have 2 Windows wireless Xbox 360 controllers with 2 controller recievers?

So i have a windows xbox 360 controller i play with on my pc for some games, but then there seems to be some games like Street Fighter vs Tekken that support 2 players, if I bought another windows xbox 360 wireless controllers and plugged another controller reciever into my pc would it allow me to play 2 player in some pc games? maybe be able to do split screen in black ops or play against each other in street fighter, etc.? or is their a way to do this?
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    Any PC game that supports both local multiplayer (i.e. multiple players on one PC) and Xbox 360 controller input should work with what you're trying to do.
    As far as I'm aware one wireless receiver supports up to four wireless controllers, so you wouldn't have to get another receiver (I've personally had two wireless and one wired Xbox 360 controllers working simultaneously with only one wireless receiver).
  2. awesome thanks!!
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