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OK, so i am looking for a bit of portability for my xmas build. I dont particularly like the weight of full tower and mid tower cases, and I will be moving homes from week to weekend, so I was thinking of mini itx or micro atx. First off, I would like to know if a r9 280x would fit in a prodigy with a decent air cooler. I know it can, but how will my space be? Next, I would love to have a mini itx with wifi, because my home doesn't really use lan. Finally, overclockability and usability. I would love to oc a 4670k to 4.2and the graphics card to something a little up. Will this work with the prodigy and mini itx boards? Or would a micro atx fit my needs? I know it's better, but most cases seem a great deal bigger and the prodigy m doesn't lok appealing. What should I look into? Thanks a bunch!
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  1. To answer your over clocking question, it isn't really recommended since you don't have the a lot of space for heat to go....however if you could fit a rear exhaust water cooler, like a Corsair H80i or a Corsair Bare-bone with 1 fan I think it would do very nicely for the over clocking portion of it. You can use a WiFi USB adapter in your tower since Mini-ITX come with quiet a few USB ports on them therefore making it portable and convenient. As for the R9, I believe it should fit in there with room to spare, do not quote me on that one though, since I haven't personally messed with them (They were just released). I would recommend a Mini ITX Board with a Intel processor rather then a Micro ATX with an AMD, simply because you get more room usage out of a case with a mini ITX board.
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    I was also looking into this. micro itx cases are a good deal smaller other than the prodigy which is meant to look the same. A micro ATX cases are usually almost like the general mid tower cases except obviously a bit smaller and usually can only fit a single gpu and two sticks of ram/memory. Here is a picture of the prodigy with a titan which is a huge card being almost 11 inches long: Many people use water cooling to reduce the size of a normal after market or stock heat sink which also reduces the noise of a computer. The answer is that it will fit but as for the room you will not have a ton but you should be able to fit things if you make sure that you check all of your components dimensions. As for overclocking the small space of the smaller sized chassis can have a hard time dealing with the heat. If you do chose to overclock I would make sure that you have an after market heat sink like the hyper 212 evo or you look into water cooling and always watch your temperatures to make sure you do not ruin your components. Hope this helps a bit.
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