Need help figuring this out? GPU detection problem.

My rig:
2500k @ 3.9
z68 mobo
8 gigs of ram
Win 7
7870 xt (7930) with latest beta AMD drivers.


After powering my computer down for the night and then turning it on in the morning the computer will not detect the GPU. This is a new problem I have been having for the last two weeks or so.

The rig will power on, I will hear the windows log in sound, the key board and mouse will power on, but the monitor will stay asleep. If I keep rebooting, around the 4th time or so, all will power up and run just fine.

When it does not (the monitor) turn on but the rest of the system is running, I have plugged the monitor into the on board (mobo) hdmi slot, and the monitor will turn on. All is good, but the computer does not see the gpu. Even in MSI Afterburner there is no GPU found.

When it does power on I can reset the computer as much as I like, but if it stays off for some time, I get the problem again.

I need a check list of things I should try to solve this. The only thing new about my rig is BF4 beta and beta AMD drivers.
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  1. what kind of psu are you running with that?
  2. I used to have gtx 560s in sli. The was never an issue with the power supply and it has high marks.
  3. Update: I have re-installed Win 7 and updated all of the drivers. I also dont let the computer go to sleep. It is on or off. All seems to be working this way.

    Seem like it could be a sleep bug?
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