You're Opinions On Memory For My Mobo Build

My ancient HDD died yesterday, prompting me to finally update my LGA 775 Mobo, CPU and RAM. Now I have narrowed down my Mobo and CPU choices to ASUS Maximus VI Hero and a Intel Core i5-4670K (Feel free to pick me up on these if you have a suggestion! At the end of the day this is my first proper venture in to component picking). I am running an ASUS 1GB GeForce 560ti at the moment which I will keep for now. I game (as I'm very sure you have guessed) I'd like to run on the highest setting in most games, without venturing to far into the realm of diminishing returns for my money. I am looking to dabble into overclocking the system as the equipment begins to become dated, just to prolong the need to replace.

My question to you, the experts out there, is 'Which RAM is going to be best suited to this scenario, in your own opinion?'

P.S. If I could just add that I am a small fan of Corsair, just down to the fact that I like to keep my kit to as few 'Brands' as possible (I'm a little OCD like that) so if Vengeance is well within performance bounds then do please say.
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    right now if your buying stuff this one of the better sales on ram with rebate.
    the standard ddr3 ram speed is 1600.
    eight gigs is fine for most rigs.
    the 2133 of the same ram your going pay 30 more for it.
  2. My case should be good for non Low Profile. Does the LP make an difference performance, heat or price wise?
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