XP error on new build (motherboard CPU)

FYI: Built a new PC. Could not get XP3 to install. Midway blue screen. Apparently HD not recognized. Installed Win7, the new HD fdisk and formated automatically.
Then install and running Win7 perfect.
Not a broken hardware issue!
I am going to repartition HD. Start Win7 install then after format swith to xp3 disks. New chip set (or settings of) appear to be issue with XP3 install.
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  1. I would appreciate a specs list.
  2. If you drive isn't recognized in XP but is in Win7 it probably means that it's a driver issue.

    Are you putting this drive on a motherboard raid controller? If so, you'll probably have to add the drivers during the XP install - the part where it asks you if you have external drivers.
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    Yes, XP on a new build, XP likely does not have the correct SATA drivers. XP is outdated, and support is about to end completely for it, not sure why you want to mess with it.
  4. Unfortunately there are integrated business applications that are necessary and can not be upgraded because they are tied to machinery controls and communications.
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