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What is the difference between the three and recommended for home theater use? I need something that can run a 70" TV (or smaller depending) and serve as a server for music and videos to be watched on the tv. Also I would like to know some different options like what a TV Tuner card does and that sort of stuff. I have chosen an A10, just need to know my options and what stays colder, a full/mid tower supporting ITX/ATX/MicroATX or an MiniITX case? Also lets say i did have cable, I make my computer record live tv? Is this legal even????
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    The bigger the case, the cooler it will stay, but the main difference is the feature set, obviously with a small board you can't fit as many ports and extra goodies, but with a HTPC build, a mini-ITX should be perfectly adequate (as long as it has HDMI). TV tuner cards let you pipe your cable or TV into the PC to be recorded or managed from there, not a very necessary feature unless you have cable and use it lots, or want a DVR alternative.
  2. Will ITX motherboards allow you to configure a setup to xbox consoles like an ATX motherboard allows you to (via media center and via the Ethernet cable into the xbox).
  3. For sure, the smaller boards won't block any features (as long as they have the ports/hardware to implement them)
  4. hmmmm...maybe ill just make a budget ATX, but it would be fun to try an ITX, oh well i have a couple years to think about it i guess lol. I would like to build a HTPC for both TV's the horizontal way to fit in the shelf right....hmmmm....alright well thank you for your help.
  5. no problem
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