Pump Recommendations for 3 blocks and 2 rads?

I'm looking to move away from my bay res with the D5 vario, to have an internal reservoir and separate pump. I'm about to move my build to a Corsair 900D case, with the following watercooling parts:

2 x Alphacool ST30 360mm rads
XSPC Raystorm CPU block
2 x Heatkiller full-cover blocks for 7970s

7/16" ID tubing

What's your recommendation for a pump that's more than capable of handling that? Or should I get two pumps?
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    i would get one pump but i would parellel the rads together and parellel the 3 water blocks together but that is me.
    as a serial loop i would use two pumps one placed before the radiators and the other before the water blocks.
  2. I run a single D5 with 3 blocks and 2 rads. It basically comes down to restriction and how your loop is setup. I would definitely parallel the GPU blocks if that's possible...will drop your restriction on the loop, overall.
  3. ^ Exactly my recommendation.

    Single pump should do fine if you parallel the GPU's. Should be easily done with two SLI/Crossfire connectors.
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