GPU upgrade and dual-monitor support?

Hey all,

I'm planning a GPU upgrade from my old HD6950. Initially tempted by some of the nVidia cards, my budget is a little constrained and I managed to find a pretty good price on the 7970 on

Initially, I was very tempted by the Twin Frozr III, found here over the XFX variant (here), for roughly the same price. As I researched it, though, I realised that the MSI version seems to only have a single DVI port, which is useless for my dual-monitor setup.

Neither of my monitors has a HDMI connection. Each has a DVI-D and a VGA connection, and currently my ASUS HD6950 runs both through its two DVI connections. Since the new MSI card doesn't have these dual ports, for some god-forsaken reason, what are my options here? Should I simply buy the other XFX card, against my better judgement, or is there something else I could do?

Thanks in advance for any information.

EDIT: Scratch this, was a stupid question. I can simply grab a HDMI to DVI cable and use the HDMI output on the card for the second monitor - didn't realise it was that simple!
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  1. You have Display Port ? MSI has 2 x mini DisplayPort
  2. it would be better to get another HD 6950 for Crossfire than getting a new HD 7970
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