can't initialize new Hard disk 'data error cyclic redundancy check'

Hi guys! im new here! and i dont know if im in the right thread to start a topic but please bare with me.
I have a new HITACHI 500GB SATA hard disk and plugged it to my desktop PC buy I can't seem to initialized it. the disk management says 'data error cyclic redundancy check'
what am I suppose to do? should i get a new one? please help.
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  1. antiglobal said:
    Try formating it. If it does not help ask for a replacement.

    well..i cant do anything about it..formating or partition coz i cant initialize pc cant detect it and the only way to see the hard disk is in device manager which giving me the 'data error cyclic redundancy check'.
  2. antiglobal said:
    Then ask for a replacement...

    guess youre right.. the 'data error cyclic redundancy check' is a cancer right? no solution for this? and i read some topic that it means that your device is giving in. like you have to buy a replacement as soon as possible so i guess its the same in my situation in a way.
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