OCZ2P8004GK and Gigabyte motherboard SPD voltage settings Help needed

Hi guys,
I bought new memory OCZ2P8004GK 4x2GB replacing my old Kingston.
Manufacturer says it is 5-4-4-15.
I have set these values in BIOS and upped voltage to 2.1V as needed.
No improvement from AUTO settings 6-6-6-18 and 1.8V

I opened HWmonitor, Everest and CPU-Z and it said that I was running 1.8V even though I set it manually in Bios to 2.1 ...and SPD timings for 400mhz say it is 6-6-6-18 ? and for lower FSB it is better timing (see picture) now I dont know what values are REAL here...

From what I understand running at 333 or 266 will give me better SPD ??

I run:
QuadCore Q9400 8x400=3200mhz (very safe overclock)
I have set MANUAL SPD to 5 4 4 15 and 2.1V but Bios still keeps default values visible next to these settings?
I use Gigabyte ga-p43-es3g motherboard with Award BIOS.

My goal was better performance in Photoshop and replaced 4GB Kingston with 8GB faster OCZ... so could you give me clue what settings should I use ?
Now I have a dilemma , changing FSB to lower with higher multiplier to gain better SPD but ruining 1:1 memory-FSB ratio or keeping AUTO settings which will give me same SPD as slower Kingston (which sux)...or something else ? Stability and performance matter ...
Or am I doing something wrong here ?

Thanks for help .

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  1. Is there not an option in the bios to set the RAM to the XMP profile?
  2. I didnt see that there...will check.
    One more important thing:

    In "Current memory timing" it says 600mhz=1.5x400 ? Memory ratio is 3:2... Isnt it supposed to be 800mhz as that is ddr800 ? It stays like that under heavy loads...

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    Not sure. Try the XMP and see if it fixes it.
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