gigabyte GA-78lmt-s2 motherboard

Is 60-65c good or bad on this when gaming or am i just worrying way too much about it?
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  1. It is little bit hot, some of CPU has max temp is 65C and other is 70C, because you don't post what CPU you have. But you can check it by yourself, for example, FX-6100 is 70C, like here:, go to the "Electrical / Thermal parameters", you can see "Maximum operating temperature= 70°C".

    You can add the aftermarket cpu cooler to cool it down.
  2. The FX-6100 is actually the exact CPU that i got and the temp reader i'm using reads about 40c even when i'm doing some gaming
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    If the temp is 40C then don't worry about it. If the temp is going up to 60-65C you need to do something like buy the aftermarket cpu cooler or open the side panel of the case to cool down.
  4. Alright, sounds good was just kinda paranoid bout my mobo saying 60c but if i don't gotta worry too much bout it ill take your word for it. Thanks for the help.
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