Buzzing sound, computer crashes when gaming??

Hey guys, I just made my new PC one week ago. I bought a new GPU and processor, but the other parts I acquired from my friend who was closing down his computer shop.

Anyway, the system has:
intel core i5 4670 3.4 ghz quad core
Nvidia Geforce 670 2GB
500W power supply
I'll provide more information if needed.

Anyway, the computer runs everything nice and smoothly, but if I play on high graphics with games like Metro: Last light or Rome 2: Total War, the computer will first start to have a loud buzzing sound (which I think is near the power supply), then it will suddenly crash.

The computer is running coolly enough even at these points, but it crashes nevertheless. Any idea what the problem may be?
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  1. What brand is your PSU?
  2. It is Corsair, 500W.
    It's also rather new, so I guess I could return it.

    Is it definitely the PSU's problem? As I said, it just suddenly switches off from the back, no error or anything. If it was a problem with the wiring or the GPU, the computer would not just switch off, right?
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    The fans are the only other buzzing noisemakers, from what you describe. Return it (psu) as it will take out other hardware when it finally gives up. While there is still time.
  4. Alright, will do that and follow up with results later. Thanks!
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