Power Supply for a 10 Year Old System

I have a 10 year old pre-built Gateway (Pentium 4, discrete graphics) that took a dump about a year ago; it was my main workhorse for school, web browsing, and could still run early 21st century games (at 25 fps!).

One afternoon I go to switch the machine on and nothing. I'm almost certain it is the power supply, so what to replace it with?

I think it only has and only needs 350W, maybe even 300W, and I've seen refurbed 350's at Micro Center for about $6 bucks. Any thoughts on those?

If not that I thought about picking up a Corsair CX430 when they are on sale for <$20 at Newegg.
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    a CX430 would work great for it, though i'm guessing an older one will do just as well for a while...just more risk involved with older PSU's that don't have the circuit protection and such. If it's something you don't really want to put much money in or don't care much about (not your main machine), i'd probably go $6 personally.
  2. Is there ever a chance you build a PC in the future? If so, it makes sense to step up a little bit and purchase a power supply that could be carried over to a new PC, something like an XFX 550W for $55 or so. If not, the CX 430 ought to work just fine.

    I don't like to recommend refurbished PSUs. When you buy a refurbished PSU, more often than not, it was just tested to see if it's working and there's a lot more to a PSU than that - it's like buying a used tire.
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