My computer screen looks kinda blurry.

So i've built my new computer and i plugged everything in. I have the gigabyte radeon radeon 7950 and i've connected that to my hp l2445m monitor with an hdmi to vga connector. This never occured on my older computer. I've updated the driver already.
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  1. Does your system resolution match the monitor's native resolution(which looks to be 1920x1200)?

    Do you have a DVI cable that you can swap in to see if its the hdmi cable/adapter?
  2. I would try to use and HDMI to DVI cable(if you do not have a DVI port on the computer). A single link can run a 1920 x 1200 screen.

    VGA with a good cable will still be a bit less sharp on text, but almost everything else should look fine.

    Also you may wish to check the cleartype settings as they blend the fonts to make them look nicer and that may not be something you are used to or are used to and is off.
  3. Sounds like it's the convertor. Where are going hdmi to vga from, like video card hdmi to monitor vga or what? and why.
  4. video card hdmi to monitor vga
  5. Turn OFF Morphological Antialiasing (MLAA).
  6. the monitor doesnt have an hdmi slot and i don't have themoney :/ for a new monitor
  7. how do i turn that off 17 seconds?
  8. most video cards come with a dvi to vga, why not use that or buy one, they are like $4.
  9. jeffreycao1998 said:
    how do i turn that off 17 seconds?

    MLAA can be turned of in the AMD Catalyst Control Center -> Gaming, but to this day, I have never seen it on by default or affect Windows it self, just games.
  10. getochkn my monitor supports vga and dvi and my gpu supports hdmi and this other one that has 24 pins + 4 on the side
  11. The 24 + 4 pins on the side is DVI :)

    If it looks like the RED ones on the right, it is DVI.
  12. i did not get a vga to dvi cable :/ but is the bluryness due to the cable?
  13. Did you get MLAA off?

    The DVI -> VGA adapters look like this.

    They have been standard with every card I have ever got. If you do not have one, they sell them for cheap at the store.

    It would say just getting a DVI cable would be best as it will give you the best image your screen can offer.
  14. yeah it was off already and ill try the dvi thing
  15. Can we also get a bit more detail on the "kinda blurry" is it text or images. Is it so bad that you can see it on videos as well?

    Did you try the cleartype settings.

    This gives you an idea of what ClearType does to text
  16. okay its like the difference between 480p more towards the 720p to 1080p on youtube videos. Also it's not just the text it's things like jsut the screen in general. Nothing really looks as 1080p as it use to.
  17. Best answer
    Ok, well that is an issue for sure. It almost sounds like the HDMI -> VGA adapter is messing up your native resolution.

    Your screen as stated above seems to be a 1920 x 1200. not MANY HDMI adapters(if they are using a converter chip) top out at 1920 x 1080. This can cause a stretch that will make things look fuzzy.

    The passive DVI-I(that means it has those 4 extra pins around the flat part[sometimes it is cross shaped] on the video card's DVI port) -> VGA will NOT cause this kind of issue. I actually have a 1920 x 1200 screen over VGA and it look almost as good as it does over DVI. The text is just slightly less sharp(and I mean very slight, most users would not even notice slight..).
  18. So i need to change my wire to dvi-i and dvi-d cable/vga cable right?
  19. hey are the dvi-i pins suppose to have a cross or just one line in between the top 2 pins and bottom 2 pins? for example this one

    oh ps i have a vga cable so yeah
  20. The cross is normally on the video card it self(but it may be a slot a well. you HAVE to have the 4 pins around it, as long as you have those, you are good to go.). The adapter has a flat plate.

    Here is an example of those adapters in use.

    Most newer cards will have 1 port that can do VGA and if they have more DVI ports, they will NOT do VGA.

    The top port will NOT work with a VGA adapter while the bottom one WILL
  21. what's the difference between the top one and the bottom one?
  22. The top plug in digital only while the bottom plug can do digital OR analog(VGA).

    The lack of the 4 holes around the slot ensures that an analog DVI screen(they did have those once upon a time) or DVI -> VGA adapter will NOT fit.
  23. So will the adapter i gave a link to work for me? oh also do you know why people don't keep over clocking and adding voltage until they get to around 60 degrees on their cpu?
  24. Can you give me an exact link to your 7950 so I can make SURE it has the DVI-I port.

    Is it this? Lists DVI-I as well as the fact that it does do analog upto 2048 x 1536(standard max for analog)

    Too much voltage can be bad for the card. On top of the fact that it can damage it, it also is harder on the power delivery system.

    60c is great temp for a card to be honest. My last 3 cards(I an not counting my GTX 650 ti from MSI. it is lower powered so run 50-60 with just the slightest fan speed increase[it is still almost silent]) got into the low 80's at full load.
  25. oh i was kind of off topic, i was talking about my fx 6300 cpu and heres the link to the video card
  26. Too much voltage is still bad for the cpu.

    Personally I take a cpu to the point that it needs a substantial jump in voltage(it is different for all chips) and call that the MAX point. Past this is takes too much voltage and generates too much heat for small gains if performance.

    So yes, Your video card should be fine with such an adapter. If you have picked up video cards in the past, check the box for them, you may already have one or 2. I have a small pile of the things(they ALL work the same even with some having less pins.).
  27. alrigth thanks for ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the help and i think i got my fx6300 to overclock to 4.3 i think i increased the voltage by about .07
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