How to check if Graphic Card works properly?

Few days ago HDD of my new build pc burned due a psu disfunction.i replace PSU and everything seems work fine but i want to be 100% positive sure that everything (including my lovely GTX 770) is working just fine.i mean i want to be sure if PSU affect graphic card or not.could the damage be unnoticeable?
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  1. Do you have another desktop to test it in? If so, test it. If not, try play graphics intensive games or programs - if it runs fine - the GPU is fine.
  2. GPU-Z is a lightweight system utility designed to provide vital information about your video card and graphics processor. Check your Thermal and Power specs of your GPU...
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    check the gpu pci e slot if there is no black spot or burn things like u should be fine then check and plug it back into mobo make sure u have connected the all gpu pci slot connected to psu also check the idle temperature of gpu it should be at 30 or 40 and at gaming it should be at 60 and max 70 if this things shows up in gpu then ur gpu pc fine for it
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