is overclocking necessary for good gaming performance

I am very new to this stuff and i have a doubt regarding the overclocking of a cpu and gpu and is it really necessary to overclock please help
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  1. you dont need to overclock but you can get the maximum performance for your money out of your parts by overclocking.
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    Without OverClock You will Play your games 4-8 Fps Less And thats no Problem...
  3. Overclocking is a way to buy cheaper parts, and get more speed out of them, maybe equal to a part that costs 25-200% more. So, you question depends on what parts you are talking about, and whether they are top of the line, or bottom of the line, there are many variables to consider.
  4. For some terribly optimized games, yes.
  5. Thanks for the reply
  6. my neighbor said:
    If I play online MMOs and stream, make videos.. Will a i5 4590 perform well? I'm thinking of buying a h97 board with this i5 or getting an i5 4690k with z97. Will the locked cpu perform the same in guildwars 1 and 2, league and rs3? Is overcloxking necessary, and will a i5 4590 last 5+ years without needing to overclock to get no lag? And is the stock cpu cooler enough for i5 4590 with long gaming times?

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  7. Kind of depends on your hardware. If you have cheaper or older slower hardware, and you need to squeeze out as much performance as possible to play a game with desired performance... then yes. However, I refuse to overclock my new hardware as 1) it's powerful enough to play games the ay I want, and 2) overclocking does shorten the lifespan of hardware.

    Unless a game is really un-optimized, overclocking will only boost your game performance a bit.
    Will you notice 4-5 FPS faster? I know I won't. While 60+ FPS is good and all, considering standard film is only 24 FPS, and movies don't look like they're stuttering, then the proof is in the pudding.
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