New to water cooling, read the sticky, now need to focus on what brand.

Hey gang,

I recently just setup a new rig. It consists of:

Asus Maximus VI Hero
i7-4770k OC to 4.4Ghz stable at 1.2 vcore cooled by Corsair H100i
Kingston 10th Anniversary 2x8gig 1600 CL 9
Evga 780 SC ACX
Samsung 840 Pro 256gig
Wester Digital 2 TB Black 7200spin
Silverstone strider gold evolution 1000-g
All in a Bitfenix Shinobi XL Windowed Case.

When I first installed everything the rig was quiet and quite cool.... then I started overclocking. It isn't a jet taking off by any means, but it is pretty noticeable and and although the temps of components are well within range: CPU 55° after four hours of SC 2, Mobo around 32° and Video Card 65°, I thought it would be great to start getting into custom water cooling. After reading through many, many, many reviews and threads, I have noticed that EK, XSPC and Koolance seem to be great brands for these setups. I would like to ask peoples personal opinions of these brands, and if any stand above the others. Thanks in advance!
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More about water cooling read sticky focus brand
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  2. First off, if your temps listed above are load temps, they are very respectable for all components. That being said, JackNaylorPE has linked you to a good discussion. Also to add, there isn't really 'one brand' that is better than others overall...just depends on what specific blocks, radiators and pumps in question when compared to others. Most pumps are either a Laing or Jingway rebrand...although there are others (XSPC bay res pump).

    Word of advice- avoid aluminum ANYTHING for both performance (copper performs better than aluminum) and galvanic corrosion (mixed metals). Thermaltake and Zalman watercooling components are both violators of this rule, historically.

    Good starter kits can be great places to start and build from, depending on pumps chosen.
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