Which is better for 2560x1600 or 2560x1440 Gaming & Overclocking to 4.8Ghz?A Intel i7 3930K Or wait for the Intel IB-E 4930K?

I know the IB-E 4930K is just a 8-20 FPS Difference.The GPU i'm gonna use is Dual SLI GTX 780,I'm gonna use a Single Monitor,A 2560x1600 or 2560x1440 Monitor,And I'm gonna use a Custom Loop (Custom Water Cooling).I'm gonna play games like The Battlefield Series,The Tomb Raider Series,The Mass Effect Series,The Saints Row Series,The Hitman Series,The Crysis Series,The Batman Series,The Elder Scrolls Series,The Mirrors Edge Series,The Resident Evil Series,The Dead Rising Series,The Bioshock Series,The Assasins Creed Series,The Medal Of Honor Series,The Arma Series,The Far Cry Series,The Grand Theft Auto Series,The Half Life Series,The Max Payne Series,The Fallout Series,And Other Big AAA Games (Sorry For the Long List).The Specs I'm looking for is A CPU that has a long warranty Or a lifetime warranty,A CPU that has the option for water proof/Water Block,A CPU that can overclock that high with Liquid Cooling,A CPU that is future Proof for maybe 1 or 2 years or longer,A CPU that can max all those games above,A CPU that the Ultra settings will last(Also yes i know I put up a similar Spec up right now),And A CPU that can handle Blu-Ray Discs And Windows 8 (Also i Don't know what OS I'm gonna Go with cause the Laptop I'm using right to research all this for "A Gaming Rig" uses Windows 8 but i do wanna use windows 7 also so i haven't chose yet).Also if there is a better CPU than these that can overclock as high as 4.8Ghz,is future proof a couple of years,And Is Good for gaming that will be great?
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    Among the things ya gonna use, please include some paragraphs :) was very hard to read

    I just dont see the 3930k for a gaming box.....and for your resolution Id use twin 770s

    Don't focus on how far a CPU overclocks....a 2600k at 5.0 Ghz is about as fast as a 3570k at 4.5 Ghz which is about as fast as a 4670k at 4.0 Ghz

    $230 - Corsair 500R White
    included - Corsair HX850

    MoBo - $330 - Asus Maximus VI Formula
    CPU - $230 - Intel Core i5-4670k

    RAM - $140 - (2 x 8GB) Muskin CAS 9 DDR3-1866

    Cooler - $130 - Coolermaster 240L Prestige
    Will cool both CPU and MoBo MOIFSETS

    GFX - $400 - MSI Gaming N770 TF 2GD5/OC GeForce GTX 770
    GFX $400 MSI Gaming N770 TF 2GD5/OC GeForce GTX 770

    HD - $135 Seaagte 7200.14
    SSD - $135 - Samsung 840 Pro 128GB

    DVD Writer - $58 - Asus Blue Ray Player / DVD Burner


    Ya can fit two 2 x 120 Rads in a 500R .... but it's tight.....Id go bigger with the Phanteks Enthoo
    Hit he button for the H2O possibilities
  2. Great build^ by JackNaylorPE, best bang for your buck at 25x16.
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