SSD-related Freezes and drive sometimes not found in BIOS (faulty controller?)

Hey all, here is my problem:

I have built my desktop on November 2011 and these are the features that are most pertaining this request for help:
Intel i5-2500k @ 3.6 GHz
8GB DDR3 1600Mhz RAM
gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3 (with default BIOS version)
crucial m4 64GB SSD (originally on firmware 010g)
Windows 7 64bit Extreme Edition on that SSD
WD Caviar Black 750GB for data.

Everything ran flawlessly for at least 1.5 years if not more. Starting in May 2013 I have started noticing some hard freezes.

To explain as best as I can, especially if I have Chrome open (and had it open for hours, closing and opening new tabs but rarely with more than 6 tabs open at the same time) the computer would slow down and then freeze to the point of requiring a manual power down or reset.
The slowdown can best be described as the cursor starting to struggle following mouse movement, freezing for some seconds and then hopping to the new destination, then failing to change icon depending on the context it is hovering. Chrome becomes unresponsive right away, other applications (Windows bar, for example), respond for the first 5 seconds or so then also freeze (this is when the total freeze happens).
Logitech G510's LCD screen follows the same pattern as the windows bar in this occasion (works at first then hangs when the whole system freezes).
Sometimes this has also happened with Firefox open in a similar fashion (although I use it a lot less, I use firefox for Uni research and chrome for social networking and personal stuff)
Once it also happened with no browser open (although I had closed Chrome less than 30s before the freeze).

There is no specific pattern to these events, sometimes they happen 2-3 times a day (rarely just once), then they won't happen for days or weeks, then maybe 2-3 days in a row.

I ran disk integrity checks (chkdisk with various options as well as an SSD diagnostic tool of which I have unfortunately forgot the name), as well as full virus scans (AVG Free), and Malware scans with different Anti-Malware tools (Spybot S&D, and a few others).
Nothing solved the problem.

Since the beginning of august the issue seems to have gotten worse.
I now sometimes get a (visual?) C++ error: R6016 Error Not enough space for thread data when running chrome or upon closing it, which then leads to said stuttering and freezing (although the error doesn't always happen)
I researched it today and ended up updating Chrome and cleaning the registry with CCleaner.

I've also gotten more serious problems as in upon hard reboot the SATA Controller (set in AHCI) would no longer recognize the drive in the bios phase of drive discovery, leading to the error DISK BOOT FAILURE when trying to load the OS.

The strange thing is that the first time this error occurred it was fixed by turning off the computer for 10-30 seconds and then powering it on again. The drive was found once more and nothing strange happened during booting or no other errors/performance issues showed up during usage

However, not even 1 week later another freeze happened and another device not found too! This time powering off the system or rebooting it didn't solve the problem.
Funnily enough if I switched the SATA controller to IDE the OS would try to boot but immediately go to Blue Screen, Windows Boot Repair tool (or whatever the name), would not be able to identify and fix the problem.

This led me to believe that the SATA controller may be at fault (cables were unplugged and repuggled a couple of times just to make sure they were properly connected). So I switched the WD to the Marvell controller (port SATA3_1 to GSATA3_6 on the Marvell controller), and put the SSD on the port where the WD drive was getting recognized (SATA3_0 to SATA3_1).
I also re-enabled AHCI and the drive was read properly and windows booted without blue screens or problems of any sort.

2 weeks later (yesterday) I got another crash with R6016 Error, and today I got 2 crashes, one with the dreaded disk not found in the BIOS which fixed itself on the next reboot.
I already fear what is gonna come with the next freeze, so I would like your help in identifying and fixing my problem.

Precautions I have taken after the last crash: cleaning registry with CCleaner and updating chrome to the latest release (in hopes to fix R6016 Error), updated firmware on the SSD from 010g to 070h.
I also downloaded drivers on the motherboard website for both SATA controllers and the motherboard chipset but haven't installed them yet (they are dated newer than when I built my PC but I want to double check they are actually newer than what I already have before creating more trouble).
I also downloaded the last non-UEFI version of my BIOS (F12) but I am skeptical about installing it as none of the listed improvements are storage related. I am however able to do that if you guys deem it appropriate.

I really think (hope?) that the problem is a the failing SATA3 controller, in which case I can just swap the SSD on the Marvell controller as well, but then I would have no SATA3 ports left in case something else went wrong.

I would really appreciate any help, sorry for the wall of text but I prefer to be overly-detailed then vague.

Thanks in advance,
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    If the hdd is having no issues using the same controller then it sounds like its time to warranty the ssd to me.
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