Only able to boot with bios boot override

Hi all, a friend of mine ask me to reinstall windows 8 on is samsung laptop np305e7a (That's what she wants, I'm not here to judge).

Short story it had windows 8 on it when bought. Then his brother wipe everything (including recovery partition) install win 7. So I did a fresh install of windows 8. And when I rebooted it, nothing happened except samsung logo. I can enter in the bios and the only way I can run windows 8 is by using boot override on the exit menu (aptio bios). Same thing for the DVD drive. I can't boot from it unless i do a boot override.

Secured boot is disabled
I selected UEFI or Legacy (I had choice between UEFI, CMS, UEFI or Legacy).

What's strange is that I can put the HDD on my Dell laptop and it boots like a charm... so I guess my problem isn't the windows installation but the bios.

Any Ideas how I could solve this issue (I have a couple day left before the computer goes back to europe with my friend).

Thanks in advance
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    Ok so I manage to solve the issue. Here's what I did. First I remove all partitions from the HDD. Then I remove the HDD from the computer. Then I boot it and enter the bios. I reset all to default. Reboot again. Go back to bios, disable fast boot and secure boot and put it in UEFY or Legacy mode. Save and shudown the computer.

    Put back the hardrive, boot the computer, went to bios and override the boot sequence to start from the DVD player. Install Windows 8. The computer rebooted by itself and everything Work Fine.

    Now I have a new boot option in bios that says Windows 8.

    I just don't understand why removing the HDD solve the problem but it worked
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