Diisc structure is corrupted and unreadable

one of my internal harddrives will not work it is a 2 megabite .
When i try to access it it says "The disc structure is corrupted and un readable.
How do i fix it i cannot aford to loose any data from it as it has alot of photonon it
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    First look in the BIOS, can you see your drive there ?

    Run a Full scan with Repair:

    Start > All Programs > Accessories
    Right click on Command Prompt > choose Run As Administrator
    Type: chkdsk /r and then hit enter (This is providing there is only one disk and it is the one with the OS on it)
    You will get a warning and you will be asked to run diskcheck at the next startup > say yes.
    Restart the computer
    Do not interrupt the process.

    Or here is data recovery software :
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